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Should You Read Music Theory Books

Should You Read Music Theory Books

As a student of music you must have been thinking that it is complete waste of your time if you are reading music theory books. But learning it is not at all waste in fact, if you have a good hold on this subject then you will be benefited in many ways. Here are some reasons that will convince you that there is no harm but help in reading these theory materials.

A solid knowledge on this topic would enable you to play by seeing any sheet of music. Whatever be the piece you can easily read it and then play it.

A good knowledge on this subject will help you understand whether what you are playing is too high or too low. You can also understand whether what you are playing is correct notation or not. Then you can start on a different key and play in a better way.

You will be easily able to play a piece with few moves of your finger and play succession of notes easily, when you have a sound grip on this subject.

Those who have a sound knowledge of musical theories they have better power to improvise more. With knowledge your ability to mix music also increases.

When you know this subject well then you can easily recreate the sounds of your favorite songs. You are easily able to make the chord progressions and add sound effects to the songs which will add a new taste to the songs.

If you are willing to learn music in a proper fashion then you should get hold a music theory book and start reading it. After you finish each chapter do the related exercises. This will help you have a grip on the theory and it will help you start a career in music.

Building A Strong Foundation In Music Through Theory Books

Building A Strong Foundation In Music Through Theory Books

Not many musicians today really know how to read music or have a clear understanding of theoretical music. Though they can play their instrument and sound fine. That’s because majority of them have never gone through music theory books and they, especially electronic musicians, rely on technology only.

Learning arpeggios and basic scales and learning them by heart is something many struggle with. It could be a very tedious and hard task. To be very honest, going through these books isn’t the enjoyable part of being musician. There’s no cool software which could do everything for you. It’s only you and the instrument going over each note over and over again.

While many disregard the importance of music theory books and only stresses on hours of practice, it’s a fact that a true musician must have a strong foundation in music. Relying upon our talents and abilities would only get us that far. During your career, you have to play with others or have to be part of some symphony. Nothing would expose your lack of skills faster than playing with experienced musicians who can read and play music while you can’t. That’s why it’s never too late to start reading some books related to theory of music and do that regularly for adding some notes and scales to your arsenal besides committing them to memory.

It certainly helps if you have a working knowledge about keyboards, bass and guitar music theory. It in fact could open up fresh horizons for you as a composer. Maintaining and grasping a better understanding of harmony, rhythm and melody is the basis of music itself.

With technology becoming a great equalizer of late, there are several good music theory books available online which could help you in getting your feet wet. You can scour the internet for them.

Music Theory Books

Music Theory Books

Music theory is one of the most crucial subjects that you will have to study when you take a course in musical education and training. This is the subject that really teaches you the bare essentials of music. You may want to train as a singer, or play an instrument. But this is a subject that is something you just can’t avoid. You will need this subject to identify the meanings of various notes as they are written down, and play them perfectly. You will need it to recognise and differentiate between various tunes, and distinguish the basic elements that make up a song. This will help you master music, and then be able to play any kind of song. You will also be able to compose your own music.

However, it does require some intensive studying. It might get boring to keep practicing hard, but then discover on the next class that you were doing it all wrong. Instead, you could use some great Music Theory Books that will guide you through as you practice. They will help you understand the various bare essentials of musical notes extremely well. They will also give you some helpful tips which will make it easier for you to distinguish between sounds.

Music Theory Books contain some beautiful illustrations that make it much more interesting to actually study the subject. They have been written by some of the most eminent music theorists and composers. Thus, these writers will be able to share with you their experiences. You will be able to gain some excellent guidance with the help of these books.

Books related to theory of music are available in plenty. However, while choosing one, it is best to consult with your teacher first. It is better that you don’t judge by the cost or the cover alone. You must also read the reviews of these books before you buy them. Having taken a common consensus among others who have read these Music Theory Books, you can select the one which you feel will suit you the best.