Building A Strong Foundation In Music Through Theory Books

Building A Strong Foundation In Music Through Theory Books

Not many musicians today really know how to read music or have a clear understanding of theoretical music. Though they can play their instrument and sound fine. That’s because majority of them have never gone through music theory books and they, especially electronic musicians, rely on technology only.

Learning arpeggios and basic scales and learning them by heart is something many struggle with. It could be a very tedious and hard task. To be very honest, going through these books isn’t the enjoyable part of being musician. There’s no cool software which could do everything for you. It’s only you and the instrument going over each note over and over again.

While many disregard the importance of music theory books and only stresses on hours of practice, it’s a fact that a true musician must have a strong foundation in music. Relying upon our talents and abilities would only get us that far. During your career, you have to play with others or have to be part of some symphony. Nothing would expose your lack of skills faster than playing with experienced musicians who can read and play music while you can’t. That’s why it’s never too late to start reading some books related to theory of music and do that regularly for adding some notes and scales to your arsenal besides committing them to memory.

It certainly helps if you have a working knowledge about keyboards, bass and guitar music theory. It in fact could open up fresh horizons for you as a composer. Maintaining and grasping a better understanding of harmony, rhythm and melody is the basis of music itself.

With technology becoming a great equalizer of late, there are several good music theory books available online which could help you in getting your feet wet. You can scour the internet for them.

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