Should You Read Music Theory Books

Should You Read Music Theory Books

As a student of music you must have been thinking that it is complete waste of your time if you are reading music theory books. But learning it is not at all waste in fact, if you have a good hold on this subject then you will be benefited in many ways. Here are some reasons that will convince you that there is no harm but help in reading these theory materials.

A solid knowledge on this topic would enable you to play by seeing any sheet of music. Whatever be the piece you can easily read it and then play it.

A good knowledge on this subject will help you understand whether what you are playing is too high or too low. You can also understand whether what you are playing is correct notation or not. Then you can start on a different key and play in a better way.

You will be easily able to play a piece with few moves of your finger and play succession of notes easily, when you have a sound grip on this subject.

Those who have a sound knowledge of musical theories they have better power to improvise more. With knowledge your ability to mix music also increases.

When you know this subject well then you can easily recreate the sounds of your favorite songs. You are easily able to make the chord progressions and add sound effects to the songs which will add a new taste to the songs.

If you are willing to learn music in a proper fashion then you should get hold a music theory book and start reading it. After you finish each chapter do the related exercises. This will help you have a grip on the theory and it will help you start a career in music.

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